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Where Can I Get CBD Coffee & What Is It?

Where Can I Get CBD Coffee & What Is It?

You already know that CBD is a fantastic supplement that can be enjoyed in many ways. From oils and vape juices to edibles and salves, there is a CBD product out there for everyone. But did you know you can find CBD in your energy drinks as well as your CBD coffee?

We’re going to take a quick look at the benefits of combining CBD with caffeinated products, as well as giving you an irresistibly delectable recipe for CBD bulletproof coffee. While there many CBD coffee shops emerging in the high street, if you have not found one yet then you can buy online these cbd coffees, where we ship nationally and internationally.

CBD Coffee

CBD Coffee

Why mix CBD and Caffeine?

If adding CBD to your morning coffee seems for people who are trying to walk the line between productivity and hyperactivity, the two compounds combined appear to be useful. Studies have shown that caffeine can offset some of the sedating effects of CBD. This is good news for those who want the best of both worlds.

Many people with caffeine sensitivities have found that adding CBD  to their beverage helps mellow the harsher effects of the stimulant, giving them energy without giving them the jitters. Others have found it helps amplify their alertness, helping them to start their day more effectively, or gain a second burst of focus in the afternoons.

This CBD – caffeine cocktail might be helpful for those with high functioning anxiety because it could allow them to reap the benefits of a cup of Joe without causing the typical overstimulation.  It can increase concentration levels and improve energy levels temporarily without nervousness or irritability, which can sometimes be brought on by higher doses of caffeine.

Take The Plunge – CBD Coffee

Mixing CBD with your AM brew is also a great way of taking CBD as a supplement because it fits nicely into most morning schedules. This means that even the most forgetful of us can stay on top of our herbal healthcare routine!  All you have to do is get into the habit of adding your CBD to your coffee before you start your day and you’ll be ready to go!

Several companies even carry CBD coffee so you could experiment with some of these ready-to-go products as well. Most people will just take the recommended dose of oil and place it directly into their cup of coffee.

But for those who haven’t quite mastered the flavour of full-spectrum CBD oil, this may be a little too much of a workout for the taste-buds.  Never fear, For this recipe, you can use several forms of CBD. Any tincture or oil that you usually use will work, but an isolated tincture or powdered concentrate is your best-unflavoured option.  You can also use CBD-infused coconut oil or ghee.

Where Can I Get CBD Coffee & What Is It? 1

CBD Bulletproof Coffee

For this recipe, you can use several forms of CBD.  Any tincture or oil that you usually use will work, although an isolate tincture or powdered concentrate is your best-unflavored option.  You can also use CBD-infused coconut oil or ghee.

Brew yourself your usual cup of coffee, but make sure it has cooled a bit. To maintain its beneficial properties, CBD shouldn’t be heated over 350 degrees.  An easy rule of thumb is to make sure that your coffee is cool enough to take a comfortable sip of and you should be good to go.

Next, you will want to add either a serving of CBD infused coconut oil or butter or use CBD tincture plus one tablespoon of coconut oil separately; healthy fats are an essential component of bulletproof CBD coffee, with most recipes calling for butter or MCT oil.

The third and final step is to pour it all into a blender. Blend it well until it becomes frothy and light. Pour it back into your cup and drink as you normally would. This coffee won’t just leave you feeling awake; it will leave you feeling bulletproof!

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Where Can I Get CBD Coffee & What Is It?


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