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New CBD Bundles


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What new CBD bundles have you experienced from our range? Did you know you can take a personal CBD questionnaire? This reveals customised products that match to your concerns and connects with our CBD coach.

Explore the enriching bundles to see what your tempted with. Imagine using your chosen bundle and suddenly feeling your receptors firing on all cylinders. As they are now receiving the right formulation. Embrace being balanced with all.


Earn up to 150 Points.


Whats are these new CBD bundles all about?

After spending a blissful 18 months connecting with our customers, we have found that there are certain products that match lifestyles. So behind the scenes we created the new CBD bundles. This means that we have the combination that has you covered. These bundles give you elite empowered combinations in most important areas of your life for example;

  1. The Ultimate Premium Oils; finding it hard to choose your favourite flavour? Not any more this handy quartet covers your mind and body and now last 4 times longer- So that’s the Natural, Peppermint, Chocolate & Hazelnut and Raspberry. Your ultimate multi saver oil bundle.
  2. The Starter Bundle; With our Starter Bundle you can try all different types of CBD goodies to get you going on your CBD journey. Each product and your personal journal will help you get the best out of your CBD products and help find which products best suit you. If your new to the CBD world and want to gain experience then this is the way to go. This includes; the 30 Day Messenger personal CBD journal, a 500mg 5% Premium Oil, a 300mg Skin Balm,  a 70mg Capsules pack, a CBG Hand Antibacterial Cleanser and Moisturiser and a pack 10mg Gummies/jellies.
  3. The Sports Bundle; Workout time! Use the best products which aid training and recovery, imagine a soothing balm that may help with those aches and pains. The CBD oil will give your body another level of receptor relief. Includes your  30 Day Messenger personal CBD journal, 2 x 10mg Gummies/jellies. 1 x 250mg 2.5% Premium Oil, 1 x 300mg Active Balm, 1 x CBG Hand Antibacterial Cleanser and Moisturiser. (Read the how to use CBD in sports blog)
  4. The Pamper Bundle; For those moments that help make you feel zen. These bath bombs not only relax you, but may ease those tensions and soothe your body. With the massage oil to really work out those extra knots and tensions. After all the relaxing you can then feel secure that you now have a handy hand cleanser to get rid of any unwanted germs. The bundle includes 30 Day Messenger personal CBD journal, the beautiful set of 4 Bath Bombs including Relax, Embrace, Luxury and Revive, a CBD Intimate Massage Oil, and a  CBG Hand Antibacterial Cleanser & Moisturiser.
  5. The Protection Bundle  This is the perfect combo for these uncertain times. You have your own hand made fashion friendly face masks to go outside and feel confident when walking around. We also have our CBD hand sanitiser with Aloe Vera to help keep the hands smooth and protected. Todays world we care more than ever to keeping safe, not just for us for others too. It includes: 30 Day Messenger personal CBD journal, a set of Hemp & Aloe Vera Hand Sanitisers, a active relief body balm, a fancy Protective Face Mask (Insert own disposable filters – whilst stocks last)
  6. Build your own bundle; So you want to personalise your bundle? Everybody is different and has many different needs. So let one of our experienced coaches connect with you after you have taken the build your own bundle questionnaire. Simply select the build your own bundle and check out, then take the CBD Questionnaire.

The design of the bundles are a perfect way to find the best form of CBD that suits your lifestyle. Our CBD Bundles can be presented as gifts to friends and family members who are also CBD lovers. CBD bundles are made up different types of product which have various levels of potency.


All products are sent via Royal Mail Service. Please note that during this time, deliveries may take longer than usual, we will provide you will a tracking number to track and trace your delivery.


Our independent test certificate has been done by a Cannabis Trade Association (CTA) approved UK lab.

The statements & references to products found on the group/website have not been evaluated by the FSA (Food Standards Agency). Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. Information supplied here is not intended to replace advice from your doctor. Store out of reach of young children. Do not exceed recommended dose. It is important to note that our products are food supplements and are not in any way medicinal. While we aim to answer all questions you have about our products, we are not legally allowed to give medical advice, always ask your doctor.

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The Tester Oil Bundle, The Peppermint Oil Bundle, The Chocolate & Hazelnut Oil Bundle, The Raspberry Oil Bundle, -, The Starter Bundle, The Sports Bundle, The Pamper Bundle, The Body Bundle, The Mind Bundle, The Protection Bundle, Build your own bundle

1 review for New CBD Bundles

  1. Lilly

    Finding Bella’s Grace on i was delighted to take a personal questionnaire. After i had finished it, one of the team contacted me and we were able to personalise my order using the build you own bundle. Using the products and support have made such a difference.

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New CBD Bundles

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