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Welcome to Bella's Grace.

About us and the day a single second, forever changed life….

Before getting into about us and who we are : We would like to share a story…. Not so long ago, well now 3 years ago one winters morning my daughter and I were involved in a life altering car accident while stationary, while parked and just about to exit our car,  another car drove into the back of us with full force, writing off both cars, quite a state. ? 

?My daughter suffered in such cases of this type of collision, things such as but not limited to, whiplash, bruises, anxiety, sleeping disturbances along with a few other ongoing effects as a result of being involved in a traumatic event. For me, I also from the accident things such as but not limited to, whiplash, back pain, developed slurred speech, communication issues, tinnitus deafness, leading to depression and anxiety, mood swings, no sense of connection to things.

Over time left me with a minor brain injury, with memory and recall – its like I know what to say but it wont come out.? Months of discomfort, its horrid, and all around me took the brunt of it. Despite prescribed medications nothing was effective, so you can imagine I felt angry helpless, and hopeless.?

CBD oil came to our rescue


?Looking back that fateful day, it turns out to be the blessing in disguise, when there’s adversity, there is a silver lining to every cloud, I believe it’s the events that unfold next that matters? here’s why… As Facebook does at times it bring up timeline events connecting me with some friends in sunny Spain ☀️ who were using natural high strength CBD, curious me, we began to talking, they have joint disfunction and stiffness with sleeplessness, while they could not make any medical claims,  they recommended what did I have to lose, so I decided I try it. ✅

Bella's Grace Full Spectrum oil

?I thought why not try it, what if it just helped me…. I had to wait 8 days to receive my products so dispatch times were frustrating me. But when it arrived began using it straight away. While this is my personal view and I use the products every day as a supplement and enjoying I feel a better version of myself. It was a hemp classic cbd oil at 5%. There are many studies with CBD sharing how it does what it does and when the body is given balance, the rest takes care of itself.

I’m finding a sense of wellbeing and feel best version of me with a stable mood whilst living through that dangerous event, I remember going shopping Xmas eve in a busy supermarket and really enjoying myself. It’s like I can truly participate in life it’s a joy. I use the 500mg 5% oil twice daily, along with the CBD vape juice, CBD E-Liquid and will continue to use it.  ✅

?As a result of that, and studying the global trends, we took our past 15+ years in wellbeing and Information Technology. We looked at customer challenges in terms of quality of products, dispatch times, CBD laws and regulations, and also affiliate issues from training and income potential, and worked on solutions to bring the best to the UK and world market.? It is our philosophy not only to supply the highest quality products with nourishing natural cannabinoid extracts from industrial hemp, but also develop a platform for total wellbeing, mindful self awareness.

?After lengthy searching for the right company who could provide from seed to CO2 extraction. We were delighted to have teamed with the best of British CBD Farms whom are aligned with CTA, MHRA and Home Office licences for todays CBD and tomorrows CBD markets. We formed Bella’s Grace CBD oils & creams and our name comes from a few synchronistic events – Bella is our meaning for Beautiful  and comes from our beautiful pet. Grace comes from our meaning off essence of soul, and while we were driving past a church the name popped into mind and it felt right.


?Because of my challenges in communicating AI messenger bots were written, that allowed us communication to people who want to find out more on CBD products, so became so effective tool when I could not speak. It was clear from other companies there was a lack of or no customers follow up and support,  so we wrote a customer engagement support bot that shares other folks stories for inspiration, as well as a wellbeing tips on increasing personal vibrations from mind body and soul.? Our vision is to support all CBD users with this systems not just our own customers?

?So this means we not only provide people with premium quality products, but also share an interactive weekly personal service, as well as offering speak to the Human at the end of the phone too!!  We ensure our products are Gluten Free, suitable for Vegans, non-GMO, Organic and Lactose-Free! and contain only what’s required. To reach our goal of helping more people, we offer a wholesale and affiliate opportunity that duplicates everything we do that’s successful.? We now can bring exceptional services and rapid dispatch times with personalised customer care using messenger.

?As we grow a streamline process that’s enjoyable, as well as customer loyalty points on every purchase.?  As you may be aware, this is becoming increasingly popular all over the world as it has so many benefits. With so many clinical reports now showing little to no side effects and the lack of psycho-active effects. (Which is typically associated with the HTC high in marijuana.) All Bella’s Grace CBD products contain no more than trace elements of THC (less than 0.02%) and there tested and backed by clear lab reports.

?We are excited to take people on our journey in wellbeing using the most natural products, teamed with the latest in technology to reach as many people so they can benefit from CBD. We are committed to deliver users the purest, highest quality organic CBD products, lab tested CBD extracts. We have a fantastic growing community sharing their stories.? We are glad that we found CBD.

?Our goal is to make simply to make a difference in a world where unjust things happen. Our Nominated charity is Cancer Research in loving memory of family and friends lost.

?Garys passion is taking CBD into the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) world where the differences are being noticed. Gary has for quite sometime prior to using CBD struggled with his shoulder and joints being inflamed from arthritis and limiting his training and performance at competition level. Since introducing CBD products into his realm, training and competing has not been limiting in his movements nor recovery and advocates using CBD products in and out of the gym. We continue to expand he range of CBD oil UK with new 2000mg 20% coming soon. As you know we are a premium CBD supplier at the highest quality so not cheap UK CBD.

Christopher Smith,  Gary Richards 

*”It is important to note that our products are food supplements and are not in any way medicinal. While we aim to answer all questions you have about our products, we are not legally allowed to give medical advice, always ask your doctor.” 

Disclaimer 2019

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