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CBD oil came to our rescue

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Reviews for Premium CBD Oil Drops

Rated 5 out of 5 Bunty S  

This is my Story on using oil. In 2018 I hurt my back and was in agony for a year going backwards and forwards to the doctors tablets took some of the pain away for a few hours then returned. I had a mri scan and I had 2 slipped disc’s with very severe groin pain couldn’t hardly walk, lift my legs up or bend struggled to work and drive in 2019 I hurt my back yet again getting into my car. I couldn’t get a doctors appointment for love or money and thought sod this I need to do something myself.

I looked on the Internet at Bella’s Grace oil spoke to human he suggested what I needed ordered the oil after 4 days of taking 3 drops in the morning and 3 at night I was pain free and I couldn’t believe it !! best thing I’ve ever done its 3 months on still taking the oil feel great so thank you Bella’s Grace❤️

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Rated 5 out of 5 Anna M  

Anna M – HFA – Autism -Sensory Sense of Well-Being – Normal or Stable Mood. CBD oil, what can I say about how it came into my life? Well, I we were introduced to it by a family member, who knew about our 8 year old son’s diagnoses of High Functioning Autism when he was just 4 years old. He knew that our son had some issues, he wasn’t sure 100% what or how it affected his daily life, but he pointed us in the direction of CBD oil. He explained to me (as I was none the wiser about what it even was) all about it, where it came from, the benefits and how it can help with anxiety and might just help our little boy to be a bit more in control of his behaviour, his outbursts and the high anxiety daily life bought for him, from going to school, being around crowds, fearing what was coming next as he can’t cope well with transition and change. He is a very resistant, if not defiant in nature when he is anxious about anything new.? ?We were sceptical, but we thought we just had to try it and we are seriously glad we did as is our son. ?The results in 4 weeks have been mind-blowing for us and him!

We give him 5 drops in the morning an hour before school and 5 drops at night an hour before bed. He has done things he refused to do or even attempt to do before. He brushed his own teeth without a 20 min battle to do so, he will reason with you over things and not get worked up about making a choice and end up in a meltdown, he manages to stay in control better when something sets off his sensory issues, like clothing, socks, pants not feeling right. He has even requested to go and see the annual Harley Davidson Rideout of over 3000 bikes that comes to our village every year, something that has freaked him out, with the noise and people so we could never go. This year he did it!

On top of that he left the isolation of his own bedroom, where he shut himself away, to go out and play with his younger brother in the park near the house for over an hour each time! ?The biggest step he has made is to give up his biggest security he has had over the last 4 years that has kept him grounded through his tough times, at school, at home, or in public and that is a rather grubby well loved little blue dog that has lived under his left arm pit since he was 5 years old! He returned to school at the start of this term without him, doesn’t sound much to some, but for him to allow this to happen his Sense of Well-Being levels are so low. So is it worth it, should you take the step towards giving it a go……I say so….as a family we are 100% glad we did!

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Rated 5 out of 5 Sean  

Very helpful, answered all my questions. I have been using the cbd oil 500 mg it’s been helping me so much I’ve noticed my knees feel better lower swelling on the back, pain has gone and I’m waking up refreshed.

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Rated 5 out of 5 Karen McCabe  

I was recommended Bella’s Grace by a friend. I suffer with slipped discs in my back , carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis and general aches and pain in my joints. Within 1 week I noticed the difference ! I had hardly any aches and pains and felt so much better in myself. Now 2 months on I have no pain anywhere. I am now able to excerise properly for the first time in years. This stuff is amazing

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Reviews for Active Relief Balm For Skin

CBD user experience shares their view in their own words:

? It’s really my discomfort in my knees that really plaid me up, Sometimes it will swell with fluid. It has been drained twice but it comes back. I often wear a knee brace to work to help with the pain. After using the CBD after two weeks my discomfort has almost fizzled away and no fluids, I’m amazed at this balm, and now I am trying the oil.

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CBD user experience shares their view in their own words:

?I have been using cbd oils and creams for the last 2.5 months now for my psoriasis on elbows and my knees. After having it since birth and being under hospital treatment where my body would just ‘get used to it’ I thought it was worth a try? It has shown a dramatic improvement in my skin but has also helped me to sleep and feel a sense of well-being & less anxious.?

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CBD user experience shares their view in their own words:

? My partners hands with a skin disorder (seasonal eczema). He doesn’t take his CBD regularly – much to my distaste. But he just started taking it as recommended both sublingually 500mg oil drops and applies 300mg balm topically before bed. After 7 days his hands are almost completely clear. So now I am a happy bunny.

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Reviews for Cannabis Tea

Rated 5 out of 5 Freya  

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What she thought of the Tea

Reviews for CBD Capsules

Rated 5 out of 5 Paul  

I have been looking for CBD capsules for quite some time and I prefer taking them as im used to capsules.  Fast delivery service and highly recommend trying them out.

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Reviews for CBD Gummy Bears

Reviews for CBD Starter Pack


CBD user experience shares their view in their own words:

? Suffering from anxiety and PTSD after surviving a tornado lucky to be alive. I have stomach issues and it takes care of that as well. CBD Hemp oil I can’t remember ever taking anything that is helped any of my issues except for the oil & balm I love it.

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