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How To Take CBD

How to take CBD

Discover how to take CBD products.

There are various ways you can take CBD depending on the product you have chosen to use. Lets start with the main way is taken, its under the tongue a few drops at a time. Now since everyone is different start with a single dose once twice a day, building up till you feel the desired results.

You will need to find your optimum level. Bella’s Grace provides you a personal user feedback guide carried out over a month that keeps you on track, simply select the option “My products have arrived” and you will be guided through your month.

?OK. You have your CBD oil. Now, how do you use it??

?1) First and foremost – LOW and SLOW! Why Low and Slow?

?Every body has an endocannabinoid system. There are receptors throughout the body that the CBD attaches to. This is extremely beneficial. Once you’ve dropped the oil under your tongue, it’s working! Your CBD receptors haven’t been used much over the years. When you first start taking CBD, you need to ‘wake up’ the receptors. Then they begin reproducing more and more receptors. THEN you start slowly increasing your serving size just a bit at a time.

?As your receptors improve and multiply, your body can handle a larger amount of CBD. Some things will be helped by a small amount of CBD, other things will require a larger serving. The things that don’t require but a small amount may be noticeable when you first start, those that require more oil won’t be noticed until you’ve reached the neccessary
number of drops. Just remember, take it slow. Start low.

?As things start to improve, try to make a mental note as soon as you notice. A lot of things can slip by virtually unnoticed. ‘I just realized I haven’t ______ in weeks’. ‘Usually by this time of the year, I’ve ______, But haven’t had to since starting the oil’. You’ll see a lot of that In the CBD Story group. If you take too much in the beginning, you can ‘hurt’ or shock what CBD receptors you do have, and you just go backwards. It can also intensify any detox you may experience.

?LOW (start 2-3 drops, once or twice a day). and SLOW (increase by 1-3drops every 3-6 days). Keep increasing slowly, until you get to the point that you don’t have anything left to improve, or until you stop feeling better. If things start to reverse, back off. This is referred to as ‘self titration’. You’re figuring out your serving size, or sweet spot. For many, this can change over time, so be aware.
LOW and SLOW. There’s a reason.

?2) What do you hope to accomplish?

Physiological problems generally are helped by smaller serving sizes. Many get away with just 2-3 drops, once or twice a day. If that’s all it takes, and it does the job. great! Physical problems like chronic discomfort, etc. generally require larger servings. Up to 12+ drops, 1, 2, or even 3 times a day are not uncommon. But remember to start low in any case. Increase by a few drops a serving, every 4-6 days.

?As you work your way up, you may notice different things are helped at certain points. People are constantly amazed at some of the things they realise. Increased appetite. Decreased appetite. Yep, it can go either way. Better sleep. More clear headed. More energy. Stronger, healthier hair and nails. The number of things that CBD oil can benefit is truly amazing. But, it can effect different people in different ways. 2 people with similar concerns may find help with totally different serving sizes. Every body is different. It may take 4-6 months or longer to find what’s right for you. Or, just a day or two. DO NOT RUSH. LOW AND SLOW!

?3) How often?

Start with a low serving, in the AM. If you don’t notice a difference, or if it seems to ‘wear off’, take another serving about 12 hours later. Do this for a couple days, and then increase by a drop or two. When you start noticing it’s working, you can level off your serving size. If you have additional concerns you want to work on, continue increasing slowly until you find it does what you want. Then level off. You’ve found your ‘sweet spot’.

?4) How long will a bottle last?

A 10ml bottle of CBD oil contains approx 300 drops. If you find 2 drops a day is all you need, a bottle should last 150 days. ?If you use 20 drops a day, 15 days. Once you know your serving size, it’s easy to figure how long a bottle lasts.

?6) How do I measure the drops?

The two most common ways are directly into the mouth while using a mirror, or use a spoon. With a mirror, count them out directly under your tongue. Others find it easier to count the drops out on a spoon, and then ‘lick’ the spoon with the bottom of your tongue (easier than it sounds). Still others don’t measure drops, but go by the dropper use 1/4 dropper much more accurate.

?7) Detox.

If you follow the above recommendations, you dramatically reduce the chance of detoxing. Detoxing (aka; the Herxheimer reaction, if you want to google it), is basically your body getting rid of the build-up oftoxins and the like that have been accumulating in your body. By starting low and increasing slowly, you can reduce (or eliminate) any detox effect you might experience. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. This will help your body eliminate the toxins without causing a problem. If you do realize you’re detoxing, DON’T STOP TAKING YOUR OIL.

?This tells you it’s working. Just cut back on how much you’re taking, and when the detox is over, start increasing again. Remember, LOW AND SLOW! So, there you have it. Now you see why they don’t put directions on the bottle! Every body is different.

?If your looking to speak to a human about CBD then call us on 08001181610. Or visit us online to order click or call us. ??

CBD user experience shares their view in their own words:
?CBD ProductDisclaimer.
The statements & references to products found on the group/website have not been evaluated by the FSA (Food Standards Agency). Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. Information supplied here is not intended to replace advice from your doctor. Store out of reach of young children. Do not exceed recommended dose. It is important to note that our products are food supplements and are not in any way medicinal. While we aim to answer all questions you have about our products, we are not legally allowed to give medical advice, always ask your doctor.


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