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Anxiety In Lockdown : 7 Ideas To Help Manage During Staying Safe At Home During Coronavirus

Anxiety in Lockdown : 7 Ideas To Help Manage During Staying Safe At Home During Coronavirus

Anxiety in Lockdown :

7 Ideas To Help Manage During Staying Safe At Home During Coronavirus

?Right now across the globe an expanding virus is hitting communities hard with differing impact.?

?Anxiety in Lockdown, there will be many questions that you will have going through your mind, from the house hold dynamics of how to cope with working from home or even more not working which leads to worries about economics and how long will your money you have last, to whats going to happen. Will I have a job remaining? Will my company I work for still exist? Who will they lay off first? How long will this go on? It’s one of many progression of thoughts that can escalate to mindful overload.?‍♂️

?Your brain will try to provide you with solutions to avoid social isolation, some of you are being creative, however its necessary to follow the guidelines to stay at home, work from home if you can, if you have to go out then maintain 2 metres social distancing between yourself and other people.

?If your going out, say to go shopping, today’s experience for myself at Sainsbury’s was yes, having to queue to get in as they counted people in and people out that could shop safely at one time.  Entering the store, to find the floor is covered on 2 metre spaced tape, again for everyone safety.

?But having limited people in the store, I found as a man shopping for the family, the experience relaxing and un-rushed, rather than irritated and social anxiety overload. The feelings of this are surreal, worries as you see people wearing gloves and masks, you’ll notice the very best of people and the very worst of people will come out, now where ever your focus is, this is what you’ll tend to experience.

?There are lots of pieces of advice perhaps, and perhaps ones insight is a different from a user of CBD and CBG here are some ideas to help you cope in these times with everything being up in the air. Some things are simple but we do find ourselves living on auto pilot.

Anxiety in Lockdown : 7 Ideas To Help Manage During Staying Safe At Home During Coronavirus 1

?1 of 7. Your daily schedule
?Your day can be the same as life was before the virus. As adults we can adapt, yet our children will run riot without a routine. Its good to implementa timetable for children and adults, know what your doing and when, eliminates the stress. When it comes to education for special needs children here is some support packs for mainstream children working through the google classroom and here are top tips. on being happy and healthy. Now that you have become a daytime parent, as well as an educator, as well as a cook and much more.

?Not having a routine will lead to that feeling of not knowing what day is it, some may slip into an undesirable lazy mood and this can lead to a train of negative thinking, and lack of self worth. We have guidelines, and remember it is important to exercise physically and mentally each day. I used to go to the gym from 10am till 11am, so now have to adapt in these are very weird times but special times. You’ll have to follow Jo Wickes indoor workouts or take the dog for a walk, if you dont have a dog take the pet snake, pretty sure you’ll get your social distance.

Working on your mental health is equally important from things like playing memory games, using mnemonics, raise your eyebrows (try it), read books that push your boundaries. Try new thing you have thought of.

?Mealtimes will change and everyone will get a chance to cook so some meals might be better than others, but you’ll eat together, you’ll be eating earlier and together too which might not be the norm for some busy family lifestyles. Be patient and adapt, add in some games and laughter.

?2 of 7. Whatever you focus on will seem important to you – once a day to watch the news is enough and don’t stress over it.
?For me part of my routine is watching the news in the morning on ITV and I do like a bit of Pears Morgan and Suzanna Reeve and then catching the news at 10pm on a night time.

?I have found myself looking each day at cases in my district, working out the population and chances of catching it – this I find a time filler that has no purpose and over-researching the pandemic, symptoms and local cases can cause unnecessary worry. Official and reliable sources of information:

UK Government response to coronavirus (COVID-19)

BBC News

World Health Organisation

?3 of 7. Focus on controlling what you can control – begin with your mind and surroundings.
?You can control the time you get up in the day, what you say to yourself and the words you use to say to you and others. The words you choose can build up and tare down mental well being so be kind. It is an important time to work on your mental mindset and thoughts.

?It’s the little things I’ve noticed, the opportunities… instead of thinking urgh “I am house bound stuck inside” changing it to “I get too… ” replaced with those tasks that one never had time to do.  So all those little things can now get done, like today I re drilled the toilet roll holder that kept falling off the wall, before Corona it was acceptable for it to fall off every now and then. Now a five minute job and its done, self recognition of a job well done. Take victory in your little wins.

?Whether its one or two things a day that you do to improve the environment you live within, will mean you’ll have done 7 to 14 things done in a week. I have found this may be the worlds way of letting everyone slow down, and take care of things that they need to do, almost like a reset on things in life. So this is your positive opportunity to slow down and focus on yourself and your living conditions, I’ve tidied and decluttered my office and garden as I find being in a cluttered living environment can be incredibly stressful.

Anxiety in Lockdown : 7 Ideas To Help Manage During Staying Safe At Home During Coronavirus 2

?4 of 7. Time for change and doing new things.
?I have found that looking at my world  since my accident which was on 09/11/2017, yes it changed my world and I couldn’t speak very well and could not find the words to express or explain myself, so I became a prolific texter. Now I relish the opportunity to call and attempt Face Time with friends and family to see how they are.

?Learning how to conference call on Zoom or mass Face Time. I’ve started to practice gratitude for the simplest of things and appreciation of how beautiful nature is and the world around me. My new thing is writing this blog that may help some one. I have found that this is the perfect time to evaluate my wellness routine, this week re focusing on healthy foods and exercise has successfully shaved another 4lbs of in weight and any smaller I’ll be fitting under the office desk and getting up to mischief. Also changing up my CBD and CBG intake has helped.

?I have found that to ease stress / anxiety / depression levels the addition of a broad spectrum CBD oil and CBD tea is a perfect start to my day.  For those who are not up to speed on how CBD works, simply we have two types of receptors in our body and brain, which tell the body to slow down, and that we are safe.  I used to be in discomfort and never had a good night sleep, I was an angry monster, and if you know anyone who has ever been sleep deprived, they will agree.

?I found that when my sleep is disrupted, CBD is a  great natural relief  to aid me with my insomnia as well as anxiety. I used the 5% CBD Oil and the 5% peppermint CBD oil, which are two of our most popular oils for first time customers. I also add in to the mix of my day the CBD tea and right now the brand new CBG hand sanitizer. When I started there was no user guides, I found the services with a personal journal and weekly tips on CBD to be a fantastic source of information to help me fine my way.


?6 of 7. Be the one thats a doer and be proactive
?Now is the time to look at making your environment as secure as possible, armed to make those calls to the bank, the credit card company, the car insurance firm, in fact anybody I have an out going income to I called to see how they could be of help to me, be it a payment break in these uncertain times, people are understanding. One of the frightening worries is most people are either one or two or three months away from running out of money if income stops.

?So Anxiety, money worries, arguments and concerns go hand in hand. Having the time to listen to various personal development speakers from  Marisa Peer, Tony Robbins, there are many I follow and use their top tips.  Mel Robbins shares five things when it comes to money.

?7 of 7. Don’t be hard on yourself.
?I used to beat myself up, but what I realised was things will be what they will be., people will do what they will do. There will always be half an empty tube of toothpaste squeezed from the middleof the tube.  Sometimes the pressure one puts on oneself is more than anyone else will.

?Remember that you will always make it, you have come this far and you will get through this too. This too shall pass, and when it does, one may appreciate all the wonders of the world in its great newness.  Always remember there is a certainty in uncertainty, this is all out of your control and things will be what they are.

✅I am here to help along with the Bella’s Grace Team. If you would like more information on how adding CBD Oil into a daily routine  can help you contact us or visit us on facebook and join our social media community. We have as of today launched the CBG hand sanitiser to help with the shortage at this time. Your always welcome to talk to us on the phone free phone 0800 1181610 with any questions or queries, we’re here to help, advise and support you.

?If you find this useful please share and stay safe.

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