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Welcome to the private discount corner is our area where we have these great limited trial packs. Please check see whats available. Once there gone there gone. Subscribe so you don’t miss out on whats coming…


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Β What is the CBD Discount Corner about?

Welcome to the Bella’s Grace discount corner. We have all been in lockdown and on guard; wondering what the world will be like and how we will come to live in this new normal? If you have been finding this all rather weird and would like 7 easy tips to get ahead and personally become whom you really want to be, then check out the blog.Β  To make sure you are the first to hear new promotions and discounts subscribe to our news letter.Β  Not only will we keep you up to date with promotions and discounts but you will get 200 points just for doing it.Β  This equates to Β£2 off your next order, just for agreeing to have our newsletter.

The CBD discount corner could not come at a better time in our lives.Β  Our mission, more than ever is to help people with their well-being. Throughout the store there are many items.Β  We have noticed an increase in customers using the your CBD coach service to find the right type of CBD products to use.Β  For example, to find out if you’re the type of person who does not like the idea of drops then maybe the sweets are a better option.

If you are into the edibles, then the gummies are perfect. If you want to experience the skin range, then look at the balms, cleaners and massage oils. Alongside this, our bath bomb range has expanded from one type to four, which are your perfect home pamper experience.Β  Please check in from time to time to see what’s available. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. We have today, a selection of CBD mini bundles and products.

Would you like to try our oils? Those succulent natural, peppermint, raspberry, chocolate & hazelnut flavours. A fine selection of E-Liquids, strawberry & watermelon, blackcurrant & menthol and Mangoes & Cream.

Every order will have it’s own Royal Mail track and trace number. It will also come with a leaflet giving you an explanation of our products.Β  We offer the highest-grade herbal extracts derived from the Cannabis plant.

The new released hand CBG hand cleansers are the perfect solution for killing germs and moisturising at the same time.

Formulated to glean the best from the plant, whilst leaving behind the chemical compounds that are still illegal in the UK. Used by people of all ages for wellness and balance in the body. Contains the full spectrum of naturally occurring Cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and waxes. All of our oils are Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Vegan-Friendly, low levels of THC using only the finest ingredients. Manufactured in the U.K adhering to all legislation and regulation.


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The statements & references to products found on the group/website have not been evaluated by the FSA (Food Standards Agency). Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. Information supplied here is not intended to replace advice from your doctor. Store out of reach of young children. Do not exceed recommended dose. It is important to note that our products are food supplements and are not in any way medicinal. While we aim to answer all questions you have about our products, we are not legally allowed to give medical advice, always ask your doctor.
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Peppermint Tea, Natural Tea, Trial CBD Pack, Sexy Massage Oil, 200mg 2% 10ml Black Current Vape + Gummy Pack, 200mg 2% 10ml Mangoes & Cream Vape + Gummy Pack, 200mg 2% 10ml Strawberry & WaterMellon Vape, 250mg 2.5 Natural Drops + Gummy Pack, 500mg 5% Choc & Nut Drops + Gummy Pack, 500mg 5% Natural Drops + Gummy Pack, 500mg 5% Peppermint Drops + Gummy Pack, 500mg 5% Raspberry Drops + Gummy Pack 500mg 5% 10ml Vape Additive + Gummy Pack, Vape Pack Set Of 4, 300mg 1% Skin Cream + Cleanser Pack, Bath Bomb Set, Triple CBG Cleanser

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    First class products and service

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CBD Discount Corner

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