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Tips on the 2020 Face Mask

Tips on the 2020 Face Mask 1 Tips on the 2020 Face Mask 2

You know that the 2020 face mask might make you look like a super hero but they will not give you superpowers. Until we have a vaccine then this is one tool in our personal wellness self care package.

Tips on the 2020 Face Mask. Face masks play a very important role in clinical settings, such as hospitals but as ever clinical trials are limited, and outside of clinical settings, how useful will they be? Face masks must be worn correctly, changed frequently, removed properly and disposed of safely in order to be effective. (Origin

In the past religion and people’s beliefs have caused a divide between us as a human race. The only positive thing that this vile virus ? has created, is a sense of unity between us all; no matter what our religious beliefs or where we come from we as a community have come together as one! Well done world ?

We are all in the same storm where we now need to adopt new habits of personal space and care. Now while many places are running out of masks there has been amazing support and creativity in making suitable masks with pockets for replacement filters.

Tips on the 2020 Face Mask 3

Face masks are believed to provide a degree of protection against getting sick from the coronavirus, in as much as it can keep larger particles from spraying into the air when you cough, spit or sneeze. Attitudes have changed so quickly, with key workers wearing a face masks while they help you. For sure  make sure you wear masks any time you go outside.

Tips on the 2020 Face Mask 4

It is highly possible governments will require you to wear a mask in order to enter to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. So Sherrie a local woman in Whitby England, started making homemade face masks and coverings.

As a country, we do not have enough masks for healthcare workers. We must have a widely available substitute. In this time its all about change of habits, this starts with personal protection and hand cleansing. For me its a must and I take comfort in taking care of my wellness and using hand cleansers too.

Tips on the 2020 Face Mask 5

In these times stay safe and look after each other.



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